Rosamaria Felip Falcó is a teacher of English at Ceip Ruíz Amado in Castelló d’Empúries. She has taught English in Primary,Kindergarten and in first cycle of Secondary where she taught English through Geography projects to students of 2nd ESO.
She had a Llicència d’estudis in 2006/07 about teaching Social Studies in English. Clil is for her an important issue and she’s been visiting schools implementing this methodology in Spain and abroad in order to learn more about it. Also, she cannot think of teaching children without integrating ICT.
She’s a teacher trainer for the Programa de l’Ensenyament de l’anglès a Infantil I Primària and for the course New Ways of Teaching for New Ways of Learning: web 2.0 and ICT resources for the Primary English Class. Among her projects as a trainer for this school year are the course Reflexió sobre la pròpia pràctica docent and a workshop on ICT resources for mixed-ability classes (Seminari d’anglès de l’Alt Empordà)
Rosamaria is also a materials writer for Editorial Barcanova.

Contact: rosamaria.felip@gmail.com

This presentation has two main objectives; on the one hand, to provide a bank of ICT resources for teachers to use as a starting kit when thinking about developing a CLIL project. We’ll present links to sites dealing with different subjects such as Math, Science, Geography, History and Art, as well as other sites where teachers can find all kinds of visual aids such as photographs, videos or power point presentations dealing with almost any topic. Links to resources to be used with IWB or Smart boards are also included.

On the other hand, our aim is to let teachers know that thanks to new Technologies we are not alone when we engage in such a challenging task as implementing CLIL in our schools and that we have many possibilities to establish an Online Learning Community where we can share resources with other teachers or experts and where we can learn from one another.

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